Friday, 25 July 2008

Reminiscing about Morocco

Having been back in Australia for the last few weeks, after not having been here for 18 months, I have spent a lot of time talking about my life in Morocco, the attractions of Morocco and showing photos of Morocco. I made a photobook through Snapfish in which I put my best photographs and that has been a real hit. Of course it also makes me sad about leaving Morocco but I hope to be back!
Here are some of the photos that seem to get the most comments and impress people the most. They are also some of my favourite photos.Spring in the High Atlas mountains

Detail of a Moroccan door, one of many photographs I have!

Berber houses in the High Atlas mountains

A rose at the Saadien Tombs, Marrakesh

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Family get together

Well I finally made it back to Australia - it just took an extra 24 hours! As my sister also came over from Perth to visit, last week was a real family get together. The first time my mother had her 3 daughters together for 11 years. At least we got to spend some good time together as well as getting out and about a bit in the cold weather. This is just a short post as I am on dial-up internet!

Mum and my sister in front of a tree stump that has been carved into nursery rhyme characters using a chain saw -
Here is Mum and the three of us -