Saturday, 5 February 2011


Agadir is a modern tourist town without the walled old city that typifies Moroccan towns due to an earthquake int eh 1960s that destroyed much of Agadir. The beach is the attraction for many, made even more attractive by the promenade that runs along side. Other attractions are the souq with its pile of fresh fruit and vegetables, the kasbah and the fish market. The latter two attractions are featured in previous posts.

Agadir - the kasbah

From Agadir's crumbling kasbah, there are excellent views across the harbour, beach and town especially if the weather is clear.

Agadir - fish market

Not only is the fish market in Agadir a great place to buy fish, it is also a great place to eat them at the semi-outdoor stalls where the fish is freshly barbequed.

The boats used to catch some of the fish.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Eating and sleeping in Taroudant

Eating in Taroudant
I tried out three different places in Taroundant: Jnane Soussia, Chez Nada and L'Agence with the latter being my favourite. Jnane Soussia was a nice setting in tents around a pool but the tagine I had was ordinary. At Chez Nada the food was fine and it is in a very central location but I liked the food and decor best at L'Agence as it was slightly out of the ordinary. Plus the restaurant was centrally located - close to the main mosque. Here are some photos of L'Agence:

Sleeping in Taroudant
As I was looking at the cheaper end of the spectrum, I chose to stay at Riad Palmiers de Taroudant. It is a converted convent and has a central courtyard full of trees, flowers and a fish pond. The rooms are comfortable but there are shared bathrooms, although plenty of them. The breakfast served on the verandah is great (see the photo below). Plus it is easy to find and can be readily accesses by car. Plus any profit goes to support the adjoining orphanage. Here are some photos:
The entrance
The courtyard & verandah
A room
Breakfast is served


Located east of Agadir and south across the High Atlas Mountains from Marrakesh, Taroudant is a very traditional Moroccan town of a large walled-in medina with a kasbah in one corner. In the distance are the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, which can be crossed via Tizi'n'Test from Marrakesh. Unusually for Moroccan towns, there is no Ville Nouvelle or New Town area as the French were never interested in Taroudant. Here are some photos:

Taroudant with the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the background

A typical Taroudant building
In the carpet shop

Caleche are a common form of transport in Taroudant

Kasbah and its walls in Taroudant

Minaret outside the kasbah

Pierre, the stone carver

An example of his work

Movies in Morocco

Having just recently watched "Prince of Persia - the sands of time" much of which was filmed in Morocco and clearly recognised as so, it was interesting to read that "Salmon Fishing in Yemen" was also partially filmed there.
Read about the filming here.
This was a book I enjoyed reading and I look forward to the proposed release of the movie at the end of 2011. Here is more information about the book.