Saturday, 22 August 2009

My friend's new hotel

During the break I got to spend time in my friend's new hotel - Jnane Toubkal, near Imlil. It has stunning views up and down the valley including Berber villages, town of Imlil and is topped by the pyramid-shaped peak of Mt Toubkal, after which it is named. These views can be seen through the windows or from one of the four terraces. Presently there are four ensuite rooms plus one room with a shard bathroom and a dormitory room with mattresses on the floor. The entire hotel follows a Berber theme from be constructed in traditional way to the use of wrought iron on the windows, wooden furniture and doors carved with Berber symbols and zellij tiling. These is also a restaurant serving traditional food. It is a place in which it is easy to relax or alternatively use it as a base for hiking in the mountains. Here are some photos.

The Moroccan lounge

The hotel last Winter

View through one of the hotel windows

The yellow room containing two double beds

Ceiling in the lounge between the two upstairs bedrooms

The mauve twin room

One of the terraces and the view from it

An exterior window under the shade of a walnut tree

One of the ensuite bathrooms

Bathroom tiling detail - each is an individual tile

In the mountains

Well I did manage to escape the heat of Marrakesh for a few days by heading into the mountain. It was certainly cooler, much quieter and very relaxing. Here are a few photos.

Looking towards Imlil at sunset

Trekkers on the other side of the valley - can you see them?

Trekkers passing by

Weekend picnics in Imlil

Playing in the water, Imlil

Looking down the Mizane Valey

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Back to Bangladesh

Well it is time to say goodbye to Morocco once again. Presently I am about to catch the train from Marrakesh to Casablanca where I have to overnight before catching a morning flight back to Dhaka, via Doha. Once back there I will try and post a couple of entries about my time out in the mountains, a respite from the heat of Marrakesh.

Things I have enjoyed:
- visiting southern Spain especially the Alhambra
- spending time in Tangier - it is worth visiting
- catching up with friends in Rabat
- managing to get some work done on my second job - writing and photography, including getting A$300 for the sale of one photo!!!
- chilling in the mountains

As for Dhaka, I don't look forward to the monsoon rains and high humidity, the pollution or the crazy traffic, but no doubt it will all become routine once again as I settle back in. At least I going back to the same apartment with its nice views.