Saturday, 5 February 2011

Agadir - fish market

Not only is the fish market in Agadir a great place to buy fish, it is also a great place to eat them at the semi-outdoor stalls where the fish is freshly barbequed.

The boats used to catch some of the fish.

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Anonymous said...

Fish OK, but don't get ripped off!
This is how they do it: a friendly young men (speaking fluently french and english) will guide you at the fish market and will state he owns one of the 50 restaurants and will advise one. They fool you by stating they have fixed prices (all the same, published on the wall, indeed there was a sign). Finally after your meal they charge for the little appetizer, salad and charge all fish individually, in the range of 500 Dirham (>> 45 Euro) for 2 persons. where it should have been less than half. Not all te fish was cooked well.So before you eat negotiate or just eat at the places like "le flore" at the Boulevard, where you get an excellent fish platter for 220 Dirham for 2 persons (fresh fish) and much better service. It is sad that apparently at the harbour they don't invest in happy returning visitors and tourists